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2021 June 28
Mozart's music overcomes all boundaries. Morgan Icardi

Under Icardi's direction the young Mozart of Symphony n.29 finds natural ground to express all the vitality, the freshness, the proto-romantic spirit that runs through it. The performance of the Sonatas is also admirable, in which the alternation of registers, the dialectic, the chiaroscuro play of Mozart's poetics, the theatrical gesture find fertile ground in the mind and heart of this interpreter.

Paola Parri

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2021 January 13


Che Succ3de?

Morgan Icardi 14, from Turin, conducts orchestras. Charismatic, intelligent, promising, prepared, these are some of the adjectives that fit him perfectly ... For President Mattarella: if you need a technical Premier, find him at 34 * / *******

Geppi Cucciari


2020 September 8

Corriere della Sera

Happy Birthday Maestro

A concert to remember Ezio Bosso on his birthday. The tribute to the Rai Auditorium in Turin. On Saturday in Exilles a ceremony with a concert in the chapel of the Fort that will be dedicated to him "Among the guests there will be the enfant prodige Morgan Icardi, conductor and pianist born in 2006 ..."

Luca Castelli


2020 January 31

RAI Ufficio Stampa

... Also, there will be the story of Morgan Icardi who at just 13 years old is the youngest conductor in Italy ...



2019 September 1

La Stampa

Conductor at 12: "On stage, it seems to me that I have no age" Morgan is among the youngest in the world to have conducted an orchestra. "When I get on stage and start conducting the orchestra, I feel like I've been catapulted into another dimension. It's a difficult feeling to explain: I seem to be ageless and all the emotions of the musicians become mine too ... " ... For Maestro Dorsi, the premises for a future in this world are excellent: "I have never before seen such a precocious talent, with so much competence and determination ..." Sometimes with the notes in his head he happens to gesticulate in the street as if he had a wand: “This is my path - he continues -… music eliminates barriers, unites people. I would like to travel the world to demonstrate this and make young people passionate about the classic. "

Cristina Insalaco


2019 August 22

Corriere dell'Umbria

12-year-old student in the orchestral conducting course

… Among them (if this has never happened before) a 12-year-old child, Morgan Icardi, former piano student but also interested in orchestral conducting. Those who want can see it at work in the Todi Festival program ...

Aldo Spaccatini


2021 May 21

Festival della Cultura
di Alassio

Press conference

White Gala Dinner Music and Charity

The 2021 edition: values ​​and piano music by the young prodigy Morgan Icardi, and the traditional white gala dinner at the Bestoso pier. Icardi is among the youngest musicians in the world to have conducted an orchestra and will delight the audience of 150 guests who will gather on Molo Bestoso to donate part of the proceeds from the dinner to the International Red Cross. The evening will see the participation of the National President, Francesco Rocca.

Editorial Board


2021 January 6 

Corriere della Sera

Morgan Icardi, first album for the 14-year-old conductor

He has 14 years, determination, long black hair and a great passion for video games. It could be the portrait of a teenager like any other if it weren't for the fact that Morgan Icardi (Turin, born in 2006) is also an established pianist and in all probability the youngest orchestra conductor in Italy ....

Paolo Patrito


2020 August 11

Art, music and sport, in Todi an August of great culture ... Special guest of the evening Morgan Icardi, the young talent, will perform with an encore during the final concert conducting Deborah's Theme from Once Upon a Time in America, a tribute to maestro Ennio Morricone ...



2020 January 20

La Stampa

Video, music and social networks: the boys reveal their Turin. ... Among the protagonists there could not have been the thirteen-year-old from Turin Morgan Icardi, one of the youngest conductors: a dialogue in Piazza Castello between musicians talking about the Teatro Regio, strictly with baton in hand.

Andrea Joly


2020 January 27

Primantenna TV

He is from Turin, 13 years old and is considered one of the rising stars of Italian concert music, and not only. He is among the youngest in the world to have conducted an orchestra, he performs regularly in festivals and concerts, he is Morgan Icardi, we met him after a concert ... a vibrant, vigorous performance, thanks to an enviable technical safety, a sign of a trained personality, despite his tender age, who knows how to govern lucidity and emotions ...

Paola Caramella


2019 January 8

Filarmonica Mihail Jora Bacau Mozart Festival

At 12, Morgan Icardi, who started studying piano at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, debuts with the Bacau Philharmonic Orchestra ′′ Mihail Jora ".

Press Office


2021 January 14



Today we talk about music with a musician, an established musician, a good musician, known, talented, an orchestra conductor ... ours is only 14 years old...

Giancarlo Magalli


2020 September 11

Primantenna TV

Interview for the recording of Morgan Icardi's first album: Mozart Across Boundaries

Paola Caramella


2020 September 13

Visit Todi

Ufficio Turismo Comune di Todi

Morgan Icardi in concert for Ezio Bosso

The concert dedicated to Ezio Bosso by Morgan Icardi at the Forte di Exilles ended on the notes of Mozart's virtuoso piece. "It was a fantastic privilege to be able to interpret it to commemorate a great artist like the beloved Maestro Ezio Bosso." These are the words of the very young conductor, a Tuderte of adoption.



2019 August 22

Il Messaggero

Todi, conductor at the age of 12.

Lots of applause for the first direction. Maestro Fabrizio Dorsi, teacher of orchestral exercises at the Milan Conservatory, can strike again ... among the participants, there is a very young twelve-year-old "Toscanini" aspirant ... Morgan Icardi began studying the piano at the age of five, immediately highlighting exceptional qualities... "Great preparation and great skills those shown by the youngest of the students with a high sense of rhythm and knowledge of the score - says the expert Maestro Dorsi - at the first test of direction he has already conquered the same colleagues who applauded him for a long time."

Luigi Foglietti


2019 August 19


The Start-up Course for Orchestral Direction was inaugurated, now in its twenty-third edition ... It should be mentioned separately the truly exceptional case of a very young, twelve-year-old Morgan Icardi, who began studying the piano at the age of five and who is already able to perform high-level concerts even with orchestral accompaniment today. . The young Icardi requested and obtained enrollment in the course precisely by virtue of the exceptional musical qualities highlighted and for his desire to compete also in conducting ...

Editorial Board


2019 August 22

Il Messaggero

Todi, prodigy boy: at 12 he conducts an orchestra


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